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The coastal style is perfect for homes on the coast.

Nautical elements and details related to the sea are the protagonists: nautical pennants, wicker baskets, sailors knots, shells, barometers, etc. Blue and white color predominate in this style, although lighter shades of brown and green also fit with the above.

These environments have abundant light, received mainly from the outside.

About the materials for furniture, wood and wicker are chosen, especially in its lighter shades. For textures on supplements, stripes are preferred among others. Blue and white with small strokes in red are the most commonly used for cushions, pillowcases, bedding textiles, etc.



  • Vertical blue stripes I

    Vertical blue stripes I

    Textile cover to decorate doors. Printed by sublimation...

    55,00 €
  • McWay Falls

    McWay Falls

    McWay Falls is an 80-foot waterfall located in Julia...

    55,00 €
  • Light blue Vichy

    Light blue Vichy

    Textile cover to decorate doors. Printed by sublimation...

    55,00 €
  • Beacon in Grisblankan

    Beacon in Grisblankan

    We chose this image for the peace that passes its calm...

    55,00 €
  • Baywatcher


    Author: Antonio Alcoba. It was 1960's when Antonio...

    65,00 €
  • Great Wave

    Great Wave

    Also known as The Great Wave of Kanagawa. It is a print...

    55,00 €
  • Lighthouse in Vormsi

    Lighthouse in Vormsi

    A lighthouse is a tower of light signaling located near...

    55,00 €
  • Poovar beach

    Poovar beach

    Poovar is a small coastal village in the Trivandrum...

    55,00 €
  • Summer


    We spend 75% of our time thinking about that other 25...

    55,00 €
  • Australian dream

    Australian dream

    The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks...

    55,00 €