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The urban style or 'city' uses the city itself as a central thematic element of the decor, creating spaces with a contemporary and modern aesthetic, according to city life. It is preferred by a large number of singles and young people.

One key is the use of materials, colors and decorative elements that refer to the streets of major cities like Paris, New York, London ...

These materials and colors are usually quite hard. Gray, white and black tones are combined with
details in bright colors like yellow or red, while wood is replaced on furniture by items made of steel, glass or concrete.

Some basic elements are large steel lamps, city themed murals, gaudy carpets, sofas with square shapes, exposed brick walls painted in white, commercial signs ...

Finally, white lighting. The urban style uses the intensity of light on ceilings, then smoothing it through
urban looking lamps placed closer to the users of the room. It is a very balanced set of lights.



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